asset based loan

Collateral Loan  ::  Collateral Lending

stock loan

The borrower can pledge the collateral and we will make an effort to obtain financing.

A few examples of desirable collateral:

  *  Precious Gems  (Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, etc.)
  *  Rare Coin Collections
  *  Fine Art 
(Oil Painting, Sculptures, etc.)
  *  Other Desirable Collateral


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NO Personal Liability  =  Non-Recourse

We offer a NO DOC collateral loan that permits you to borrow up to 80% of your Stock portfolio asset value at great low FIXED interest rates from 3%.  Purchasing a business, home, properties, etc.  are just a few ways to use the funds. The collateral loan is non-recourse, and you can use the cash for any purpose.  In today’s tightening credit markets, collateral Lending offers a funding choice that is well worth exploring.  Ask for a FREE Custom Quote - NO obligation. Call or email today!

Collateral Loan  ::  Collateral Loans  ::  Collateral  ::  Collateral Lending


asset based loan :: asset loan :: asset backed loan :: asset based financing :: asset lending


If you OWN any asset securities such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds that are publicly traded, you may be eligible for a Stock Loan.  U.S. or Foreign Stock Exchanges.

A credit report is NOT required, and NO income or employment verification is done. You can get your cash in as little as 10 days. It’s a quick and easy process! Just one simple phone call or application and you’ll receive the terms for your loan quickly. Call or email today.

You keep all market appreciation opportunity and receive the benefit of any dividend or interest that the securities generate. It's a win-win situation for you.

A collateral loan is a loan with NO personal liability. You can walk away at anytime and NOT ever make a payment, if you want. Your securities from USA and foreign (stocks, bonds, etc.) is pledged and used as collateral for the asset loan. Again, you pledge your stocks and get the loan very quickly.

Since the securities act as collateral for the asset loan and since it is a private loan, you have many benefits:

equity bank loan  No credit report - None
asset based financing  No Income or Employment verification
equity investment loan 
No red tape - No Documentation
asset based mortgage  Fast application process - You can have the cash in a few days 
asset based lending 
Below market interest rates - From 3.00 %


asset based loan :: asset loan :: asset backed loan :: asset based financing :: asset lending


asset based loan :: asset loan :: asset backed loan :: asset based financing :: asset lending

Additional Benefits of a Collateral Loan!

Obtaining an non-recourse stock or securities based loan has many benefits such as:

Asset based lenders  Simple qualification

asset real estate  High LTV - loan to value - Up to 80%

asset equity  Non-recourse stock loan

Asset Bank  Multiple types of securities allowed

Asset Banking  Use the cash for any purpose

Collateralized debt obligation  Flexible terms and conditions

Collateralized debt obligations  Great pricing

collateralized debt  Borrower keeps all dividends

collateralized mortgage obligation  Borrower keeps market appreciation for all securities

Uses of a Asset Collateral loan

Everyone's situation is different. These are some of the most common reasons to choose an asset security based loan:

cdos  A business in need of cash
Loan Collateralized  A home buyer looking for alternative ways to qualify for a mortgage
collateralized mortgage 
A real estate searching for ways to help potential home buyers
cdo finance  Anyone searching for creative ways for himself or for his clients

Please remember that after you present us with the initial documents, it will take just but a few days for you to get the money you request. The collateral asset loan process is quick and simple.

Collateral Loan  ::  Collateral Loans  ::  Collateral  ::  Collateral Lending


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